Training & Workshops

Our training is designed and developed using a combination of theory and practical activities that simulate real life scenarios.  Training includes comprehensive course notes/workbooks as well as feedback and evaluation on training performance.

At a glance:

  • Media interview skills – Introductory, Advanced, Crisis or a Refresher – customised to the required outcomes and skill level of participants
  • Crisis communications – how to manage a crisis being played out in the spotlight
  • Crisis communications plan writing – a how-to-prepare a crisis communications plan for your organisation
  • TV Presentation techniques
  • Corporate presentation and public speaking
  • Key message development



Media Interview Skills

A poor performance in an interview can be detrimental to a company’s or individual’s reputation.  Alternatively a positive interview can heighten your organisation’s reputation.  Preparedness is the key to a successful interview. Being a credible and competent media spokesperson capable of mastering media interviews is essential for anyone talking to media.  We offer customised media training to match individual skill and experience levels.


The Introductory Media Interview Skills workshop is designed for those who have had limited or no exposure to media interviews or no previous formal training in interview skills. Advanced Media Interview Skills training is designed for those who have had some formal training and/or experience with being interviewed by media or may just need a refresher. Crisis Media Interview Skills training focuses on how to manage media attention during a crisis to mimimise reputational damage to individuals or companies.  Our training is designed to give you and your team greater confidence in managing the media.  All training is recorded for replay and evaluation, ensuring you leave the session with the skills to perform at your best.


Crisis Communications

Whether you’re dealing with issues of national significance impacting your own organisation, or reputation matters affecting you as an individual, our customised workshops will guide you through the critical stages of media management to ensure minimal negative impact. You’ll learn how to handle negative publicity and the media onslaught, the processes and principles for effective corporate response in a crisis and how to prepare and disseminate your messages for a range of stakeholders.


Crisis Communications Plan Writing

How well prepared you are for managing an issue or crisis can mean the difference between disruptive and disastrous, irritating and catastrophic. Crisis Communications Planning takes you through all the necessary stages so you can walk away with the knowledge of how to develop your own crisis communications plan. This session looks at every aspect of crisis communications including risk audits, identifying issues and crises, protocols and media negotiations.  You will learn effective crisis communications skills, how to prepare your organisation and how to respond and react during an issue or crisis.


TV Presentation Techniques

Do you want to perform on camera? Are you interested in developing on-camera and TV presenting skills? Do you want to present information effectively and professionally on YouTube or via Vodcasts? If so, this workshop will take you through both the theory and practical techniques to give you the skills and confidence to succeed on camera.


Corporate Presentation and Public Speaking

Presentation skills training is focused on equipping you with techniques to effectively prepare and deliver powerful internal and external presentations. Polished presentation skills are crucial when it comes to developing your public profile or growing your business. It is essential you make the most of your minute in the spotlight. Our workshops are designed to build on your experience and improve your impact as a communicator in your work environment. With an emphasis on delivering powerful and memorable messages (without a heavy reliance on powerpoint and other visual aids) these workshops are for anyone wanting to improve communication skills, irrespective of whether you are in front of a handful of colleagues or a large auditorium of strangers.  We also offer one-on-one communications coaching for executives.


Key Message Development

This customised session is designed to help you prepare, develop and test the veracity of your key messages. The training will help you identify and refine your talking points to ensure your messages work for a range of targeted audiences. If you are preparing for a major proactive event or announcement, launching a new product, brand, organisation or changing a brand, this workshop will set you on the right course.