The Essential ‘C’s’ of Communicating in a Media Interview

Your performance in a media interview has the ability to shape public impressions and perceptions of you and your organisation.  You can make or break your reputation with a good or poor interview.  The seven C’s of communicating in a media interview will help make the whole interview process smoother and help lead to a more favourable result:

  1. Credibility
    First impressions are everything. In the first 30 seconds we meet someone we have already formed an impression.  Keep this in mind when preparing for your interview and make sure you dress, act and speak appropriately for the situation. 
  2. Context
    State the reasons why you are here talking today – the reasons that brought you to the interview as well as the message you want to convey.
  3. Content
    What you say must be relevant to the interview. Only share facts that are relevant and meaningful to the audience.
  4. Clarity
    Speak clearly, the interviewer must be able to understand what you are talking about. Make sure the words you use mean the same thing to the audience.
  5. Continuity
    Repeat key messages. What do you want to say and how many different ways can you say it?  Repetition achieves infiltration and understanding.
  6. Consistency
    Make sure your message is consistent with other communications that are being said by your organisation.
  7. Capability of audience
    The interviewer must be aware of the audience capabilities. The least effort required understanding the message, the more effective it will be.

With these key points in mind you will be rewarded with better, clearer communication and the ability to maximise your story potential.  Remember – preparation is king.  

Henry Kissinger was a master at interviews and was once overheard asking confidently at a news conference “Does anyone have any questions for my answers?”