At a glance:

  • Crisis Communications Plan – we can develop a customised crisis communications plan for your organisation to prepare you for when a crisis strikes.
  • Crisis communications management for individuals and companies – we provide an expert to navigate the media landscape on your behalf while you get on with business with a view to minimising damage to you or your company’s reputation.




Crisis Communications Plan

Responding to a crisis effectively means responding quickly and appropriately.  A planned prompt response could be the difference between a major impact or minor hiccup to your company’s reputation.  In close consultation with your organisation we will develop a Crisis Communications Plan that will ensure consistent and appropriate protocols and messages to be communicated during a crisis but most importantly, crucial planning to handle an immediate crisis.  The result is a living document which can effectively respond to the impact of any short, medium or long-term crisis or issue.  This plan will detail the processes of managing a crisis with all stakeholders including media and include templates to ensure you can execute a fast response.



Crisis Communications Management

For individuals or companies in crisis and in the media/public spotlight, we offer an expert to step in to take the heat off you – liaise with media on your behalf, advise you of the best course of action and assist in preparing responses, comments, statements and interviews.  Managing media inquiries for you, leaves you free to formulate your next steps and manage your way through the operational issues at hand.  Our ultimate goal is to minimise any reputational damage to you personally or your organisation and assist you in regaining confidence and image rebuilding as required.